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Premature Infants Care in West Hills

Any baby born before the 37th week of pregnancy is considered a preemie. That happens in 11-13 percent of all pregnancies in the United States. Typically, the earlier the delivery, the more your baby is likely to develop complications.

Albeit you will be allowed to leave with the baby after some days, they will likely still be vulnerable to infections and diseases and extra care will be needed to help them grow and develop normally. Here are a few care tips for your premature newborn:

Breastfeeding: Your baby may not need too much breast milk due to their relatively small stomach, but whenever you breastfeed, use a tube that fits well in their mouth. Pump immediately you deliver to establish the milk supply for your baby.

Training: Consider receiving CPR training before leaving the hospital just in case the baby needs it when you reach home. This is especially important if the baby has been diagnosed with certain medical conditions that require special care.

Transportation: Before heading home, ensure your newborn meets the car seat's weight capacity requirements. Padding or head support may be needed to keep the baby's head in a position where they are relaxed and the airways are open.

A car seat in a half-reclined position may affect the baby's breathing and heart rate. If possible let the doctor assess the baby while in the seat to ensure they are stable before driving home.

Tummy time: While you are supposed to ensure the baby sleeps on its back every time, tummy time is necessary for the strengthening of the shoulder, back, and chest muscles. Once in a while, put the preemie on its belly for around five minutes before putting them back on their back.

Anything that is bad for you is worse for the baby. Take precautions such as protecting the baby from cigarette smoke and discouraging contact with people who may have colds or flus.