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Family Care in West Hills

Family doctors are physicians who provide the first point of contact when seeking medical care. They are trained to handle people of all ages, from infants to teens through to adults and seniors. If a family member falls sick, it is a family doctor they consult for diagnosis and treatment or referral to a specialist. So why should you choose a family doctor over a pediatrician for your child?

They provide consistent care

Unlike pediatricians who provide care for children only up to a certain age, family doctors will still be there as the child grows into their teens and adulthood. Their medical records, treatments and prescriptions will be kept in one place, allowing for more consistent care over the course of their life.

They are more time-saving

Family doctors save you the time you could have wasted scheduling appointments with pediatricians and internists for different family members.

They allow you to schedule single appointments for all members of your family to be examined and treated.

Family history documentation

For symptoms that suggest the presence of a chronic condition, doctors may ask for a record of your family's health history in case your problem is inherited. General practitioners with whom you have built a long-term relationship are likely to have a good understanding of your family history and are thus able to predict and intercept serious health threats before they develop.

Family doctors do more than just simple checkups

When general practitioners conduct yearly checkups on you, they don't just provide results and vanish. They instead stick around and help you manage chronic conditions such as asthma, heart disease, arthritis and diabetes as well as treat you for acute medical issues such as injuries and infections.

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